Antiguans forget their troubles, if only for a few hours Saturday night


For a few hours Saturday night, thousands of Antiguans forgot about their bills, debt and all of their other problems.

According to a Facebook post which was shared by Prime Minister Gaston Browne: “THOUSANDS came out last night to celebrate One Nation.”

“This is a baby and vision of Prime Minister Gaston Browne. The support for this annual event is stronger than ever,” the post continued.

Days before the event, Browne brushed aside criticisms and said it would go ahead as planned.

The Prime Minister had said the last time the concert was staged, the state paid $300,000. This was cause for concern for many who felt those funds could have been put to better use.

A similar sum was expected to be spent this year.

But Browne told critics of the event that “the One Nation Concert is a fixed item on our calendar of events.”

He added that it is “very, very important to bring people together to socialize.”

“I made the point some time ago that man shall not live by work alone but by entertainment too,” the country’s leader said.