Ghana reality TV star claims to have shrine named after her in Antigua


A reality TV star in Ghana claims to have a shrine named after her in Antigua but 268 TODAY has not been able to independently confirm this.

Omotola Jalade, one of Nollywood’s most successful actresses, who ventured into the reality TV scene, seems to be one of the few enjoying success on the continent.

A news agency in Ghana said Jalade’s success appears to have spilled over into the Caribbean where a shrine has been built and named after her.

According to her, portraying African values has helped her reality show gain global recognition.

“I remember with my reality TV, we met a lot of Caribbean people who had watched me and in Antigua they had a shrine in my name.

“Because of my reality show, for the first time they felt close to me and I remember we went to Jamaica it was a big party and you would have thought it was some bigger out of the world star coming and I am,” she told Citi TV’s Nana Adwoa Sarkodie.

“It was just real and I would not have gone there if it was not for the reality show and one of the things they said was because of the reality show we could understand Nigeria a lot more and the lifestyle.”

The actress has over 40 domestic international and domestic awards to her credit.