Koffee already signed for One Nation Concert. Be prepared to pay up to $50 to enter


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Jamaican sensation Koffee has already been signed to headline the upcoming One Nation concert, but patrons could be asked to pay an entrance fee this time around.

At 18, Koffee is fast becoming one of the most spoken about stars coming out of Jamaica.

“We’re getting Koffee this year, we’ve already signed her,” Prime Minister Browne said on Saturday.

“What we are thinking this year though, and I don’t know how the public feels about it. There are some people who believe that we should not be having free concerts, that people should pay.

“The objective is not necessarily to collect funds from individuals but we thought that maybe we could charge a fee . . . maybe $30, $40, $50 and the [money] that we collect could go towards funding the production of various artistes – not just Soca artistes,” Browne added.

The Prime Minister reiterated that concert is not a political event, but is an opportunity to give thanks for God’s blessings on Antigua.

“Every year, first thing in the year we gather together to celebrate, to give thanks to the Most High for his mercies and blessings. God has been good to this country. From the time we took over the governance of this country in 2014, there has been just all positive vibes,” he said.

“Crime and violence would have fallen. One is one too many but we have had two homicides for the year. You go to St Lucia . . . it’s 30 something. So, clearly, God is with us. We’ve got to give thanks.”