Lost Files captures hidden Antiguan soca tunes


By Colin James

There is now a new opportunity for the promotion of Antigua & Barbuda’s soca music.

US-born DJ Reckless, who’s based in New York City, has just released Lost Flies, a compilation of some top soca hits from Antigua’s Carnival 2019, produced by Limerz Inc, a US-based company.

They have been hidden under the radar but they have now been brought to the forefront.

Thirty-two tunes that will keep dancing and jamming and help to reminisce on Carnival when this year’s festival has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These include artists like former soca monarch King Hard Knaxs, Kimmy, K- LEE, AC Tafari, Young Lyrics, and Leon Norville.

“I believe in giving them the opportunity to shine on our biggest platforms for the world to see.,” said DJ Reckless, real name, Brandon Williams.

It is so refreshing to find a DJ with a passion for Antiguan Soca Music. He wears this pride on his sleeves and believes Antigua Soca music matches the levels of music of any Caribbean island. He believes the music just needs an outlet to the world to experience and listen to the sound.

Having grown-up in NYC with Antiguan parents, Reckless appetite was wetted for music from his ancestry. He would come to Antigua for Carnival yearly and he undoubtedly loved the music. Antigua Carnival represented for him the best summer festival.

As a DJ he felt proud to represent Antigua everywhere he went.

“I fly my flag high every chance I get. I want people around me and the world to know, “Hey!!! Ah Antigua mi come From!”

His goal is to see Antigua music atop of the industry,

“I feel in the social media world that we live in Antiguan music is only given 15 to 45 seconds to prove its worth,” he bemoaned.

“And that’s a total injustice to the art form and the hard work these artists put into the music. I can remember numerous summers going to Antigua for carnival and everyone singing, jamming, and loving the Music.

“Then by the end of August, the same songs are no longer being played on radio or being talked about on social media.

“As a DJ representing Antiguan music, we have to be able to give our artist an opportunity to shine way past the summer carnival festival.

“For this reason, I created this mix to give people a taste of some of the talents representing the island of Antigua.  we need to give the artist and their Music a chance to reach others on a more global level.  I created the Lost Files, with the intention to highlight artists who give their all to the music form but may sometimes go overlooked.

“Antigua has some good artists with really good music that needs to be highlighted and featured.

“As a DJ, If we don’t tell our stories, who will? That’s what The Lost Files is all about! Telling our story through music.  I took over 30 songs from carnival 2019 and created a music playlist I know everyone will enjoy and gave these artists and their music a second chance.

“The hope is that some of these artists will gain new fans, new followers and more opportunities to put Antigua on the forefront of the SOCA Music Industry.”

The lost files, Music from Antigua’s carnival 2019 was released only last week and it is already a buzz on social media.

With a unique approach, Reckless Music has taken the lead by exposing some of the missing gems that you might have missed or never heard during the carnival season.

“I must admit that I missed some of these songs during carnival 2019 and was not aware of some of these artists he featured on this mix,” he confessed.

“It is truly a good blend of groovy and power tracks that will keep you bouncing and before you know it the mix is over. I can only imagine if more of us had this type of passion for our Music, where the future will lead us!!

Reckless Music took a risk and he has delivered what he considers to be “a gem.”

His goal is to take Antigua soca music to a higher level. His mission on this mix was to give the unknown voices a voice. It looks like his mission has now been accomplished.

Listen out for future releases by Reckless Music.


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