2 charged in savage attack on Jahhym Azoo


Two of the five boys who were allegedly involved in the savage attack on Jahhym Azoo have had a charge of wounding with intent to murder filed against them.

The two were scheduled to appear before the Child Justice Board on Monday for the commencement of an assessment/inquiry.

The charge falls under Schedule III of the Child Justice Act 2015 and therefore the two were being held without bail and will remain in custody at least until they apply for bail before the High Court.

The Board has no power to grant bail or release them to the custody of their parents unless the charges fall under Schedule I or II.

The Board will be in charge of the assessment under the Act and was appointed by the Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy Benjamin.

It is being headed by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards with Pastor James Gore and two social workers, Norma Jeffrey Dorsett and Ava Weston.

Azoo, 17, has been fighting for his life at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) after being attacked by the boys.