20 visitors who tested positive for COVID-19 have left Antigua for the US


Twenty people who arrived in Antigua and Barbuda recently and were tested positive for the novel coronavirus on their arrival here  have since returned to the United States.

This was announced by Health Minister Molwyn Joseph on State television Monday night.

“All of the positive tests, apart from the people who came in from the Dominican Republic — I’m talking now about the 39, which was a combination of people coming from the Dominican Republic and some visitors who came to Antigua and Barbuda, all the visitors have since returned to the United States,” Joseph said.


  1. This man lies so much cant even believe them no more when dey speaking the truth or not my lord jesus father god you know everything that is going on you deal with all these situations in jesus name

  2. It look like ANTIGUA now Exporting Covid-19 . When those people go back to the US sure bet they will be tested and Quarentined and ANTIGUA name go get blasted again . Antigua nsme have tk be in evreything jack?

  3. They should not have been allowed to come in the first place without testing….the USA is the epicenter of the virus…put all Antiguas in a health crisis now…..y set out a set of rules for us to follow then bring in positive cases to infect us…SMH….the health inspector harrased us and gave us a few hrs to put things in place or threatened shut down while foreigners were allowed in to infect the whole nation….


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