BREAKING: LIAT extends suspension of passenger services to June 30


LIAT‘s commercial passenger services will remain suspended until June 30, 2020, due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones reported that most of LIAT’s network remains closed to commercial passenger traffic.

While some territories have announced a reopening date, there are still many protocols to be implemented, such as testing and mandatory quarantine periods, which will allow for the safe movement of passengers.

She noted that the airline is closely monitoring the situation across the LIAT network and will resume flights when it is safe for passengers to do so.

Passengers booked during the extended period of suspension will automatically have their bookings cancelled and will receive full airline credit for future travel. Passengers will be able to rebook as soon as the airline announces the resumption of passenger services.

Reifer-Jones reassured the public that the airline was continuing its planning for the resumption of operations.

She noted however that there was still a great deal of uncertainty about the date of reopening of most borders.

The airline has maintained strict protocols for its aircraft cleaning and sanitisation to ensure the health and safety of its passengers and staff.

The airline acknowledged that this was an extremely difficult time for the region and its own staff and passengers.

The CEO reassured that LIAT is still committed to keeping the region connected especially after this crisis.


  1. Its difficult for the staff , yet you were prepared to fire them without a cent. These people are wicked hypocrites. Only because the government was forced to pull back that unconscienable, evil plan to get rid of staff without having to pay them, that you are extending this shut down. Had the public not said anything you would have gone through with this plan. Wicked!!

  2. When will these islands consolidate and merge these so called commercial airlines? At this crucial time in our history, Liat, Caribbean Airlines, SVG Air, Air Bahamas and any other in between MUST stop this silly independent runs and finally do something meaningful for the entire region.

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