BREAKING: Number of COVID-19 cases in Antigua jumps to 66


Antigua and Barbuda has now recorded 66 cases of COVID-19, health officials reported Monday.

The Ministry of Health says that between June 25 and 29, it received results from  55 samples that were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

Of the 55 samples, two returned positive. The first was a repeat test in a previously known cases.

According to the Ministry, the second is a new case in a minor with a travel history from the Dominican Republic.

Over the period June 27 and 28 the laboratory at the Mount St John Medical Centre conducted RNA PCR COVID-19 testing on 43 Cubans who were being repatriated.

Of these 43 samples, 39 were negative. The ministry says four “indeterminate” samples have been sent to CARPHA.


  1. A few days ago said Antigua had 65 positive cases with 680 persons tested . The next day it said 69 positive with the same 680 tested. Today we hear 66 positive and 4 done by private doctor discounted.

  2. So dey lies ,so now is it gonna be a shuts down again nd his the bus will continued no social distancing mask cant do anything when ppls are sitting so close together ,and another question are we gonna get an committee spread or yall waiting to hear ppls dropped dead

  3. What happened to the 4 from The Hodges Bay Club , and the 4 Athletes who were to be travelling to Cuba today…….3 footballers and one volleyballer who should have been going to Cuba today, were tested positive. Which means there is a Community spread since none of the 4 has never left the country since our state of emergency.


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