BREAKING: Yet another male found dead

Reports are coming in of yet another male found dead, this time tn Johnston’s Point.
The deceased has been identified as Cornell Challenger.
Challenger’s decomposing body was reportedly found in the shower with the water still running.


  1. Question 1: How does this phenomenon compare with average deaths a: for the same period annually; b: for any other similar period annually; c: deaths of women for the same period annually; d: deaths of women for any other similar annual period? Question 2: Never mind whether these deaths are or are not related to COVID19 – what are the factors that contributed to these deaths & are there any patterns observed? And we definitely DO NOT need any vague statements from the PM.

  2. I’ve been following these stories for a while, question: are these sudden deaths being tested for the Coronavirus?? I think that the Antiguan Ministry of Health needs to look into this urgently and issue some clarity to the citizens and residence in Antigua.

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