Dear Prime Minister Browne: A desperate plea from nationals stranded in DR


May 29, 2020

Office of the Prime Minister

Honorable Gaston Browne

Queen Elizabeth Highway

St. John’s



Re: Next available flight home

On behalf of myself, also the other nationals of Antigua and the Hispanic people who reside in Antigua who are currently stranded in in the Dominican Republic, we are humbly seeking for answers as per to the several cancellations of the arranged Humanitarian flights, which were organized and approved by both governments, five (5) times, before the day of the flight.

However, we do know that there may be concerns as to the high rate of the virus here in the Dominican Republic, which is rising on a daily basis. In light of that we are here but are unable to sustain ourselves not being able to pay our accommodations, buy food and our basic needs. We have been here for approximately four (4) months starting from February 2020.

Moreover, we know that the airport will be opening on the 1st of June 2020 in Antigua, whilst the airport in the DR has no assurance as to their opening of the borders. We have have been made to understand that because of the constant cancellations of the flight, the DR government is not favorable in allowing another flight.

Therefore, we are pleading for the sake of our children, wives, husbands, families and most of all our employment, as we a very concern that it is at risk losing our jobs in these difficult economic times and situations. We have been trying to connect with both the Foreign Affairs and other government offices but no one has given concern or said anything in connection to assisting us.

On the other hand we have been told by one media house that concerns of the high risk of disease in the DR has led to the authorities being indecisive as to when we will be able to come home. But the truth and fact is the airline coming in next week with the tourist who live where most of the virus is of a higher rate is allowed to fly in whilst we are here begging and asking to come home and are being neglected. How could this ever be right?

Respectfully, we just want to come home so we can go through our process of quarantine and ensuring our safety. We are trying our best to stay safe and by doing so we have isolated ourselves since the day we have been stuck here.

In closing, all I am asking is that you please allow us to come in at least next week without cancellation of the flights.

Respectfully, we await a response as to when we will be able to come home.

Nationals of Antigua


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