Female prison officer allegedly beaten with gun by boyfriend


A female prison officer was allegedly beaten with a gun by her boyfriend. It was not immediately clear when the incident occurred.

The woman is said to be refusing to give police a statement, highlighting a huge problem in the prison, with female prison officers who are said to be involved with prisoners.

The woman is said to have a two-year-old son with the perpetrator, who is from Five Islands.

The man, who is known to the authorities, is said to be a former prisoner.

Doctors attending to the woman are said to have called the police, but the woman is reportedly protecting the former prisoner.

(With reporting by social activist, Mary John)


  1. 😡.The right of refusal to give a statement should be taken away in clear cut cases of physical abuse. Is she even thinking about the message (example) she is sending /setting for her child?
    Next time God forbid you might end up in a box.
    Half a mumma betta dan nun.

    • We do not know why she is withholding a statement…who knows he probably told her that he will hurt the child or do her worst if she calls his name & let’s face it sometimes police officers or the law cannot help us

  2. Female prison officers need to know they place , they always get involved with inmates. That’s what the minister for legal affairs need to see , he send all type of women to work their all because of votes . Chupz it won’t stop have been going on for years now

  3. I never agree with a man hitting a woman, this perpetrator is not a man, it is either a mangoose or mangeneel.
    But what about conflict of interest. Why would a woman employed to secure a prisoner get involved with a prisoner?
    I wonder what is the government’s policy on this.
    I wonder if these are the reasons why we have so much contraband in jail because this is not an isolated case.

  4. What did prison did to that man turned him into an evil monster? Is that place really helping our young men especially that go behind those walls to be rehabilitation for their crimes they’re demanded or convicted for?


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