Fire officers avert disaster at airport fuel farm


Quick action by firefighters prevented what could have been a major fire at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters stationed on the compound were called to the Rubis location at the fuel farm shortly before 1:30.

They saw thick smoke billowing from the area where fire had broken out at a pump.

Foam was quickly deployed from two foam tenders, which brought the fire under control before it spread in the fuel farm.

Rubis’ operations were not significantly impacted despite the damage to a pump and a filter vessel.

According to Fire Brigade Chief Elvis Weaver, the fire was caused due to possible leakage at the pump.

“These things are man-made, so there was probably some accident that took place. But I think that Rubis has all its safety measures in place. And, we do a lot of educational [activities] with them… a lot of drills etc,” Weaver explained.

There were no injuries as a result of the fire.

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