Government taking threat of Antigua Resistance Movement seriously


The government on Tuesday said it is taking seriously, a threat to the security of the country after a caller to a radio station here warned of “an Antigua Resistance Movement” comprising “of ex-military persons in the United States”.

“In the circumstances, I am seeking an opinion from the Director of Public Prosecutions on this matter, and, in the meantime, the law enforcement agencies will take appropriate action.  Additionally, the authorities of the United States will be informed of the threat to raise a military group on US soil, which is a criminal offence,” said Attorney General and Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin.

“The last thing anyone of us wants to see is the peace, calm and steady progress of our nation disrupted by copycat attacks on people,” he added.

In a statement, the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry for Public Safety, said it had been made aware of threats made by a person with the name “Irwin Romeo” on a privately owned radio station here.

The statement said that a copy of the recording of the radio programme had been provided to the Ministry for Public Safety after many members of the community had expressed concern about the programme.

According to the statement, in the recording Romeo, also known as “Bombshell” is heard telling radio listeners that “an Antiguan Resistance Movement” of ex-military persons in the United States will stalk town hall and other meetings by government officials and will “deal with them”.

Benjamin said complaints made to him “have expressed deep concern about the “copycat” actions from the US of ex-military that was advocated by Romeo.

“My office is taking the threats made by Mr. Romeo at its face value and, therefore, considers that there is a danger to government officials and the peaceful nature of our country.   It would be foolhardy of me and the law enforcement agencies to treat this matter lightly given the shootings and killings by extremists that have taken place in several parts of the world,” Benjamin said.

The government statement said that in recent months in the United States and elsewhere, extremists have entered churches, supermarkets and other public places and murdered men, women and children.