Here’s why the updated COVID numbers are missing 4 announced Sunday


The updated COVID-19 numbers announced by the Ministry of Health Monday evening did not include four confirmed cases announced over the weekend.

The Ministry announced that the total number of confirmed cases recorded in Antigua and Barbuda, since the outbreak began, had climbed to 66.

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph was asked why the four cases announced at the weekend were not included in the new numbers, which would have taken the total cases to 70.

Here’s Joseph’s response:

“Well we have to maintain the integrity of our data and we will not include any data for any positive case unless it is validated by the PCR test. As you’re aware, both PAHO and WHO have given guidelines in terms of the tests they recommend  that’s used in the Caribbean. We’re maintaining the gold standard, which is the PCR test.”

Joseph said two samples from the two individuals have been sent for PCR testing and “we are still working on the other two.”


  1. Its hardly likely those test would be false…that Doc has always been respected by the whole of Antigua ,y the sudden distrust…it should have been added until proven wrong…Antiguas deserve the truth concerning the virus


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