I would resign


Foreign Affairs Minister E.P. Chet Greene said that if he were Lennox Linton, he would resign immediately, after the humiliating defeat in the Dominica elections.

“He went into elections with his hype that he was the prime minister in waiting, that all was in his favor,” Greene said on Pointe FM.

“He would have fooled many persons across this region, caused jitters among many more and then when results came out he was scrambling to hold on to even his own seat.”

Greene also highlighted that the margin by which Linton had won his seat was a clear indication of rejection on the part of the electorate and if it were him in Linton’s position, he would be “kissing this goodbye.”

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit won an unprecedented fifth consecutive term in the election.

According to preliminary results of the election, the DLP won 18 of the 21 seats in the island’s parliament with the wife of the Prime Minister Melissia Skerrit comfortably winning the Roseau Central seat which had been a stronghold of the United Workers Party.


  1. all of these ministers are complicit in Skerrit’s illegalities. The hot boy skerrit is the cool kid among them, he lavishes them with gifts n favors. The defend him because they know they cannot try what he does in their respective countries. You all enjoy Electoral Reform, so why don’t you Mr Minister. Call on Skerrit to give the people Electoral Reform. Its that simple.

  2. Coming from the Antigua Labour PARTY one is not surprised. They wrote the book on Caribbean corruption. Shame on you mister minister for sending your troops in Dominica on the eve of an election to invade a village of opposition supporters and terrorise elderly, women children and babies with 7 hours of unabated teargas offensive. You also shot fleeing children with live rounds. Yes all this to prop up a dictator who uses Dominica money to support your equally corrupt regimes election campaigns.

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