Man pleads guilty to marrying 2 women, ordered to pay $7500


The court has ordered that Norriston Henry pay $7500 by the middle of next month or face a year in prison, with hard labour.

Henry, 33, pleaded guilty to bigamy when he was brought before the court for marrying two women in this country.

Henry was 22-years-old when he married his first wife in 2008.

The marriage reportedly broke down two months later and efforts to patch things up saw the couple living together for a few more months.

His wife eventually left the country and asked for a divorce several times, but Henry rejected the requests.

Consequently, he was still legally married in 2016 when he proposed to a new love interest, whom he met the year before.

 The next year, he lied to officials to secure a marriage license and tied the knot.

However, this marriage also began to unravel when his new wife heard rumours that she was not the only Mrs. Norriston Henry.

The man confessed he had been married before but claimed he had gotten a divorce.

When his first wife got news of the new marriage, she alerted police and Henry was arrested and charged.