Medical Benefits Scheme commits to Prostate Health

Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Benefits Scheme Kevin Silston (centre), is pictured here with Chair of the Health Committee Lion Jacintha Pringle and President of the Lions Club, Lion Franklin Maynard.

For the second year, the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) has partnered with the Lions Club of Antigua’s flagship annual Prostate Screening programme.

The support from the statutory corporation is in alignment with their coverage of Cancer as one of the eleven chronic non communication diseases for which they provide medication, re-imbursements for diagnostics and laboratory tests, financial support for overseas treatment and a basket of services at Mount St. John’s Medical Center.

The funds provided by the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) will be utilized in off-setting the cost of the PSA blood testing (Labs)which is a pivotal part of the Prostate Screening process.

MBS will complement the prostate screening programme by offering Blood Pressure, Blood sugar and Cholesterol screening on the day. This offers an opportunity to understand the health dynamics of a subgroup of the population.