Men who performed botched circumcision to be tried in Janauary


The case of Dr Patrick Matthews and colleague, Arnold Joseph, both accused of practicing as general medical practitioners and performing a surgical procedure without a licence, has been added to the queue to be tried in the January Criminal Assizes.

The accusations stemmed from April 8, 2015 when the two men performed a circumcision on a then two-year-old boy in contravention of Section 12 (a) of the Medical Practitioners Act No. 3 of 2009 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

Consequently, the boy, who is now about six years old, reportedly suffered a number of complications as a result of the alleged botched surgery.

In the All Saints Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, the prosecution submitted five exhibits including police statements, a medical report, a search a warrant and a medical clamp.

They also shared with Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards, their intention to call 11 witnesses to testify during the High Court trial. She committed the matter to the High Court.

The two health care practitioners appeared before Magistrate Emanuel-Edwards five months ago and were granted bail in the sum of $10,000 each with a $5,000 cash component.

Both were also ordered to surrender their travel documents.

However, Matthews who was a Foreign Affairs Ambassador prior to being granted bail, was ordered to surrender both his personal and diplomatic passports and report to the Coolidge Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm.

Matthews was a member of the National Stroke Association (NSA) and a chiropractor by profession while Joseph was an operating theatre practitioner.