PM does not support suggestions that woman in lewd video should be charged


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he does not support suggestions that a young woman, whose lewd dancing with a minor during the just concluded Carnival celebrations has been posted on social media, should face legal charges.

Speaking on his private radio station, Browne said while it is a situation of “poor judgement” on her part “what I was told the same little boy, in fact a bunch of them were literally cooping the women and wining up on them.

“I am not making an excuse for the lady because from the time she recognise that it is a child she should have disconti8nued,” Browne told radio listeners, adding he does not support the need for her to be prosecuted.

“Those who want to condemn her as though it was something deliberate, something planned and I don’t think it was planned, I think it happened spontaneously and she did not quite utilise the discretion that was required, recognising that it was a child.

“Again I am not making any excuse for her,” he said, noting “if I am allowed to look at it from a different perspective, if it was a male dancing with a female that age, well you know what would have been a major problem.

“So not because it was a female dancing with a youngster in a very lewd way it means that she must be excused. But I am saying that to say that poor discretion on her part, but I don’t know the issue of criminality and bringing charges against her… I do not know we need to go that far,” he added.

Festivals Minister Daryl Mathew also commented on the issue saying that while the video was ‘disturbing” lewd behaviour usually associated with the Carnival was at a minimal this year.


  1. Poor judgement and a mental lapse of morality!! However I really don’t think legal prosecution is necessary! This situation does give a good reason for some sort of decorum standards to be legally defined for the resellers during Carnival! To ostracize and villify the young lady or the child wouldn’t be fair or balanced justice! Others were also engaging in in appropriate acts of poor judgement!
    These two just happen to be caught on video! The others who were not captured would also be illegible for prosecution but we didn’t see them so they get away with it! I’d you can’t get them all, for poor judgement then it isn’t fair to grab one, just to satisfy a thirst for the judgmental pound of flesh!
    I could see this starting the necessary debate… do we need a set decorum laws, that revellers must adhere to, for future festival celebrations…..Where matters of minors involvement in certain activities and acts, are well defined and regulated?
    And do we stop there…. what about the inappropriate lewd behavior by the adults also? Would there be a need to prosecute them also?

  2. I hope our young men in Antigua and Barbuda don’t take this article of the PM statement and go wined up on our 12 and 13 years females next year carnival. Just thinking

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