PM says he turned down request for diplomatic appointment from O.J. Seraphin


Prime Minister, Gaston Browne says Dominica’s former Prime Minister Oliver Seraphin tried to get his government to make a diplomatic appointment.

Seraphin is featured in an Al Jazeera documentary in which he was secretly recorded trying to sell a Dominica diplomatic passport for the exchange of money, an allegation Seraphin has categorically denied.

Browne said over the weekend that Seraphin visited him to try to broker the deal, however, his request was denied.

“I chased Seraphin so…I do not have anything to defend. They [Al Jazeera] could not call my name,” he said.

Browne said Seraphin visited him at his office on Aug. 26, 2019, to try and broker a deal.

“He did come and presented his letter saying that he had a wealthy man who wanted to be appointed [as ambassador] …” he said.

Browne said: “I have a policy, from the time you said you want this from me and you are giving me this, the conversation ends,” he explained.

Antigua & Barbuda was featured in the Aljazeera report but the government was only criticized for taking too long to fire Alex Saad, a former Antigua diplomat who has since been indicted for money laundering.