Scheduled interview with Dr. Joey John cancelled by ABS at the last minute


A scheduled interview with Dr. Joseph ‘Joey’ John on State media Monday night was cancelled at the last minute.

Dr. John was scheduled to appear on ABS Television at 8 p.m. but ABS told the Doctor at 4 p.m. that he was no longer needed, a source close to the situation told 268 TODAY

It was not immediately clear who at ABS cancelled Dr. John’s appearance, or who gave the directive that it be done. 

Additionally, a meeting between Dr. John and health officials, which was expected to take place on Monday, did not get off the ground.

When asked Monday night about the planned meeting, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph responded: “We are looking at the situation and that has not been done yet.”


  1. Lol know this would happened because you speaking the truth and the truth will set you free ,well done you are doing a great job ppls respect you doctor john god bless you and your families be safe

  2. No one has freedom of speech in this country. Why shut everyone and everything down if it does not fit well with politicians. Why not challenge it instead of operating like all citizens signed a gag order or something. 🤦‍♀️


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