Tourism Director’s COVID-19 message


Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority CEO Colin C. James has released a statement on COVID-19.

“The safety and health of our citizens and visitors like you are of great importance to us,” James began.

The ABTA has collaborated with the Ministry of Health and all relevant governmental departments and partners to ensure that measures are in place to both detect and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus on the island, James said.

Antigua and Barbuda has activated its health protocols and enacted the relevant travel advisories, he said.

James said that if travelers’ plans had been affected, “we encourage you to contact your travel advisor, hotel or airline representative to reschedule your trip for a future date when we will all be ready for that much-needed getaway.”

In a strong message by one of the Caribbean’s leading tourism directors, James addressed both the destination’s efforts to address the pandemic and an important message about the future.

It’s an important exemplar for other Caribbean tourism boards to follow: address the current uncertainty but also remind travelers that the Caribbean isn’t going anywhere.

“We want you to have the utmost confidence that the two most beautiful islands in the world, Antigua and Barbuda, and our warm friendly people, will still be here and ready to welcome you as soon as you’re ready to travel again.”