WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE – Another dog dies as some Antiguans’ love affair with animal cruelty continues


A third animal has died in as many weeks at the hands of a heartless and extremely cruel person / persons.

A resident posted the following on social media earlier this week.


“Yesterday I witnessed one of the most horrific cases of animal cruelty on the island.

I was driving along Piggotts main road near the football field and spotted an adult dog with a massive wound on its abdomen and his entrails exposed.

We managed to get him into out vehicle to carry him to a vet, unfortunately he died on the way.

This is the third case of animal cruelty I’ve witnessed in less than three weeks.

Words can lo longer describe what I feel for innocent beings and our lack of regard for their lives.

Getting angry doesn’t seem to be the solution anymore. Action and awareness is our path as a society.

Please say and do something the next time you see any sort of cruelty whether human or non-human. This world desperately needs more love and kindness.”

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