Wind turbine installation in the Parham Ridge Area and Sir Vivian Richards Stadium


As part of the “Sustainable Pathways” Protected Area and Renewable Energy” Project, the Department of Environment of Antigua and Barbuda will provide clean, sustainable power generated through the use of 11-15 small wind turbines to the Crabbs reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant and Sir Vivian Richard Stadium.

This power will be utilized to ensure the reverse osmosis plant can continue to function even in the event of an electrical grid failure.

The turbines being utilized are Vergnet 275kW hurricane resistant wind turbines. They reach a maximum height of 70 meters (at the tip of the blades). Each turbine has been delivered with noise reduction technology to ensure minimal impact on local homeowners, land users, and wildlife.

Even when generating at full capacity, the turbines will be no louder than an average conversation at 250 meters.

In the very near future, survey teams from the Ministry of Works will be conducting surveys at the Parham Ridge site. The Department of Environment kindly asks to take note.