US revokes visas of Daryl Vaz, Phillip Paulwell in Jamaica


Minister without portfolio in the Economic Growth and Job Creation Ministry, Daryl Vaz has revealed that his United States visa has been revoked.

Minister Vaz has confirmed receipt of correspondence from the United States Embassy in Kingston, which stated that his U.S. visa has been revoked.

Vaz quoted the letter from the US Embassy which said –  “Subsequent to the visa issuance, information has come to light that you may be ineligible for a visa. If you would like to travel to the United States, you must re-apply.”

Minister Vaz says he has advised the Prime Minister of the issue.

Vaz says he has initiated, through the formal procedures and protocols, the process of seeking clarification and a determination on his eligibility for a United States visa.

Minister Vaz says as a public figure, he’s obligated to keep the public updated on the outcome of the appeal, which has been formally lodged.

Vaz noted that in 2008, he renounced his US citizenship following the issuance of a ruling in the dual citizenship case which was brought against him.

Minister Vaz says he’s committed to pursuing the matter with the hope of a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, PNP Vice President and East Kingston Member of Parliament, Phillip Paulwell, has confirmed that his United States visa has been revoked.

In a statement issued to comrades, Paulwell confirmed that his US visa had been revoked.

He says no reason has been given for the revocation.

The East Kingston MP and PNP Campaign Director says he was advised that if he wants to visit the US he should re-apply for a visa.

Paulwell wrote in his statement that he’s attending an anti- Imperialist Conference in Cuba. Earlier this week, the Jamaica Observer reported that PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips left the island for Cuba.

According to the newspaper report, Dr Phillips is leading a PNP delegation for a regional conference in Havana.The other members of the party’s delegation were not named but are to return to the island on Wednesday.

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