Virgin Atlantic eyeing Guyana market


The Guyana government says the United Kingdom based Virgin Atlantic Airline is interested in servicing the route and could possibly do so by next year.

Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson has confirmed that he has held talks with a senior official of the airline.

“They were on a Skype call to myself and the Minister of Finance, on them coming here… This was the Director of the airline with oversight for routes. He was going into a meeting and he would like to know what is Guyana’s position, saying he would like to put Guyana on their route for 2020,” Patterson said.

US-based carriers Jet Blue and United Airlines have also expressed an interest in the Guyana market even as American airlines is set to expand its service to Guyana from December.

While Virgin Atlantic has scheduled flights to Barbados and other Caribbean destinations, Guyana is not served by no direct airline service from any European country..

But officials here say with the country expected to begin commercial oil exploration next year, Guyana could become an interest for several international airlines.

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  1. Boy nothing attracts investors more then the black gold, Oil. I do hope that Guyana keeps their head on and go about this very carefully. America would claim interest like what they did with the rest of the world where there is oil, they have controlled it to the detriment of the people. Bribing politicians and creating a society of the haves and the have not. See what has happened to neighbor Venezuela. As soon as a socialistic government came in power and wanted to share the wealth of the country with everyone, they got on the wrong side of the USA. And remember you can have as much oil as you want, America still calls the shots who can sell oil. See what happened to Iran and Venezuela.

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