CWI shortlists final four candidates for West Indies Women’s Head Coach


Cricket West Indies (CWI) has shortlisted four candidates for the final stage of the recruitment process for the role of full-time Head Coach for the West Indies Women’s team. The candidates, all of West Indian heritage, progressed from the initial interview stage, which concluded last week.

The candidates participated in individual interviews with a CWI interview panel. Critical areas discussed were applications of cricket coaching experience, technical knowledge, performance planning process, performance measurement, performance-driven culture and also CWI’s core values of passion, accountability, respect, integrity and team excellence.

The first round of interviews were conducted by: CWI Vice-President, Dr. Kishore Shallow, who is Chairman of CWI’s Human Resource Committee and led the panel, which also included CWI Director of Cricket, Jimmy Adams; CWI Human Resources Manager, Oneka Martin-Bird; and Gordon Lord, UK-based Coaching Educator.

The successful candidate will be named once the final interviews have been conducted.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) takes great pride and responsibility in growing, guiding and organising cricket throughout the English-speaking Caribbean countries which form the West Indies, represented internationally by the West Indies men’s, women’s and age-group teams.

The West Indies international team is unique in cricket and in international sport. It is the only team in cricket that represents a group of nations, drawing on the strength, skills and passion of each nation to unite through cricket and take on the world.

CWI is the governing body for all professional and amateur cricket in the region, from the West Indies international teams to tournaments such as the West Indies Championship (4-Day), the one-day Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Cup and the women’s T20 Blaze.


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